About us

Committed to improving the lives of patients in Latin America

Valentech is a continuously evolving company that, since its creation, has been dedicated to seeking the most innovative therapies for patients in Latin America.

Our purpose

We contribute to enhancing the quality of life of healthcare system users through the licensing, registration, importation, and marketing of innovative therapies. These are based on cutting-edge technology for the market of orphan diseases and high-specialty conditions.

Our team

Our organization takes pride in its team of highly experienced physicians specializing in orphan diseases. Their profound knowledge and expertise in this domain have significantly contributed to our position as one of the forefront companies in our industry today.


By 2028, Valentech Pharma will achieve a prominent position in Latin America in the high-specialty market, focusing on essential health technologies. This will significantly contribute to improving the quality of life of patients with orphan diseases and their families.

Quality Policy

Through this Policy, Valentech Pharma formalizes its commitment to consistently deliver innovation, quality and efficiency in the processes of acquiring licenses, importing and marketing highly specialized pharmaceutical products. This commitment includes adhering to all regulatory requirements and standards of ethical and transparent conduct. Our aim is to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders, contributing to the ongoing enhacement of the Quality Management System and the business culture.

Our History

Constant evolution

Valentech is a company in constant evolution, which since its creation has been looking for the most innovative therapies for patients in Latin America.



We began an important path in research by interacting with accredited laboratories and companies of international prestige.



Licensing and distribution agreements were entered into with industry partners in the United States, Europe and Asia.



We began the incorporation of companies throughout Latin America and the establishment of Valentech In.



We obtained the first sanitary registrations in Colombia.



We strengthened our marketing operations. We began operations in Colombia.



We opened our office in Brazil


Marketing Authorization

Obtained our first Marketing Authorization in Brazil



We consolidated more than 10 partnerships




We act with awareness of our nature, fostering admiration and understanding for ourselves and others.We embrace and accept differences of thought, recognizing that diverse perspectives can lead to agreements.


Conduct actions that uphold justice and integrity for oneself and others, confronting ongoing challenges and acknowledging that achieving results hinges on comprehensive and moral conduct throughout the process.


Demonstrating the capacity to devise and execute actions aligned with well-defined strategies and achievable, straightforawrd, and tangible goals. Upholding attitudes of continuous learning, resoluteness, and a readiness to address the demands of the business, customers, and society. Always bearing in mind that our purpose revolves around safeguarding and enhancing the quality of life for users of the healthcare system.


Execute all our projects with a sense of pride, unwavering commitment, dedicated effort, and a deep connection to the organization’s purpose. Recognizing the value of our identity, actions, and the individuals who journey with us as essential components for attaining our objectives and maintaining a trajectory of success.